Eco Club of M M Modi College, under the guidance of Dr. Khushvinder Kumar, observed WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY today. Its main objective was to create awareness among the students about the environment. Addressing the students Dr. Khushvinder Kumar said that the decreasing forest area is causing serious problems for the environment. He advised the students to look after the plants carefully after planting them because the act of planting the trees symbolized commitment to save the environment.

           Dr. Khushvinder Kumar said that though, Patiala is one of the best livable cities with the lowest level of pollution, still we Patialvies are deeply concerned with the adverse effects of environmental changes. Deforestation is turning our beautiful forests into nude and ugly landmass. Intolerance level of emission of carbon dioxide by the industry, progressively increasing rate of growth of population and its immense burden on natural resources have led to global warming. As a consequence of this, our glaciers are melting and the sea level is rising, islands are submerging and increasing the pressure of population on coastal areas. This club of the college will keep the students informed about these environmental changes and encourage them to act as eco-ambassadors. He also appealed the students to grow one plant in their homes and contribute towards making Patiala city more livable and environment friendly.

            Apart from College NSS Programme Officers Dr. Rajeev Sharma and Prof. Harmohan Sharma, Prof Nirmal Singh, Dr. Harcharan Singh, Prof Ganesh Kumar Sethi, Prof. Sukhdev Singh, Prof. Rohit Sachdeva and Dr. Sanjay Kumar were also present on the occasion.


 Dr. Khushvinder Kumar