Date: 18.10.2022

Visit to Old Age Home by students of Psychology and Sociology

The Department of Psychology and Sociology of Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala organized a field visit to Mata Khivi Birdh Ghar, Patiala on 15th October 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Jagjot Singh (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology) and Prof. Gurpreet kaur (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology). The objective of the field visit was to discuss the social and psychological problems faced by old people who are neglected by their families.
Dr. Khushvinder Kumar (Principal, Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala) said these field visits help the students to understand the society at ground level and motivate the students to improve the social and psychological fabric of the society.
14 students visited Mata Khivi Birdh Ghar, Patiala. During the visit students interacted with the old-aged people and sought their problems. Students also distributed fruits to old people and gained their blessings. It was found that most of old people were depressed and disturbed and few of them were staying at their own will. Majority of the old people were bed ridden.

List of participants