National Science Day, 2021 celebrated at Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala

Patiala, 3rd March, 2021

National Science Day was jointly organised at Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala by the Biological and Physics Societies to commemorate the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman on February 28, 1928. The theme for this year’s Science Day celebrations was “Future of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI): Impact on Education, Skills and Work”. The Biological and Physics Societies organized various online events spread throughout the week (27th February to 3rd March) like Science Quiz, Caption contest, Essay writing competition and Poster making competition for the undergraduate students of Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.)

Principal Dr. Khushvinder Kumar in his address to the students, during prize distribution event, emphasized on the impact of STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) on the Education sector. He talked about how science and technology have helped in recent times in fostering access to knowledge, providing an interactive and collaborative experience to students and a flexible method of assessment that tests the use of various student competencies and skills. He appreciated the Biological and Physics Societies for organizing the various events online with the help of various virtual tools.

In the poster making competition, the topics were- The New Normal: Life During COVID Times, The need for Ecology First and Economy Next, Emerging areas of Biotechnology and Man-made Ecological Disasters and on the theme of Science Day, 2021. In all 24 students participated in this. From the Biological Society, Mandeep Kaur (B.Sc. III ) stood first, Ridhi ( B.Sc. I ) and Pallvi (B.Sc. II, Biotech Hons. ) bagged joint second position while Gaganpreet Kaur (B.Sc. III, Biotech Hons.) and Shabnam (B.Sc. II) won the third position. From the Physics Society “We Matter” Parsansa Devi (B.Sc. III) grabbed first position while second position was shared by Shreya (B.Sc. III) and Pooja (B.Sc. II). Rachit (B.Sc. III) and Rose Rana (B.Sc. II) bagged joint third position.

72 students participated in the Science Quiz. From the Biological Society, Sakshi Munjaal (B.Sc. II) won the first position, Second position was bagged by Mandeep Kaur (B.Sc. III) and third position was won by Ekamjot Kaur (B.Sc. II). From the Physics Society “We Matter”, Yashika, Minku Rani and Rupali (B.Sc. III) won first position, second position was won by Chanpreet, Deepak Rai and Rittik Goyal (B.Sc. III) while third position was bagged by Mansimran, Neha and Priyanka Singla.

In the caption contest 36 students of Biological Society participated, Bhanu (B.Sc. III) bagged the first position with the caption ‘Mother nature shall always strive to give us life albeit we return a pity strife’, Hargunpreet Singh won the second position with the caption ‘Nature grows intelligence, Intelligence blows nature’ and Aryan Chugh ( B.Sc III, Biotech Hons.) bagged the third position for the caption ‘Competence v/s Comprehension – An Evolutionary Dilemma’ alongwith Anchal (B.Sc. I) for the caption ‘If nature and technology walk together it would be a brilliant combination’.

The topics for the Essay writing competition were Science Education and Online learning, Role of vaccines in combating pathogens, Focus on Science, Technology and Innovation for economic development and social progress and Contribution of Indians in the field of science. 18 students participated in this competition, Hitanshi Saijpaul (B.Sc. III, Biotech Hons.) and  Simran Mittal (B.Sc. III) won the first position, Aryan Chugh (B.Sc. III, Biotech hons.) and Harleen (B.Sc. I Biotech Hons.) bagged the second position and third position was bagged jointly by Shakshi (B.Sc. III ) and Gaganpreet (B.Sc. III, Biotech. Hons.).

Dr. Ashwani Sharma, Dr. Kuldeep Kumar adjudged the winners of various competitions. The faculty of Department of Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology and Physics actively organised and conducted the various competitions.


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