A  group of 46 students from P G. (Chemistry) and UG ( Science ) went for an educational trip to Central Research Centre in Kasauli .

                        It was accompanied by four teachers of the college  namely  Dr. Vinay Jain , Dr.  Ashwani  Sharma ,  Dr. Anupama Parmar and Prof Rashim  Singla.

                       We started journey at 7:30 am from  M. M. Modi college , had breakfast  on the way at Zirakpur and reached at Central Research Center located at Kasauli  at 12.00  noon .

                    The staff of CRC was very cooperative.  Mr. Ashok kumar Gauri took the group to different parts of center .  There  we visited  central Drug lab ,  R & D center Animal house . He told us that it was  earlier known as Pasteur Institute and it is the only lab in Asia for quality control  of all  types  of  vaccines  and anti – sera .There was an advanced bio security system which  sterilize the drugs as well as human being operating  on the system. Even students have been given demonstration of HPLC , pH – meter  and AAS. They have also been well versed with measuring  pH at accurate temperature .The students have learned a  lot  during stay at CRC  Kasauli  and open  up their  minds  for scientific research activities .

                    On the way to Monkey  point Dr. Ashwani  Sharma  , Head Deptt. of Botany  introduced the students regarding the importance of Biodiversity  of the region . Students were shown some important forest diseases and impact of pollution on the trees .They also visited Hanuman ji  temple  at Monkey point and cathodic   church  near bus strand . On the whole it was very enjoyable and informative trip for the students. We reached  the college safely at 9:30 pm . As per feedback of the students such educational trips should be organized frequently in future.