Patiala: February 21, 2023

PG Department of Commerce, M.M. Modi College Patiala organized Commerce Fest on 20th February and 21st February 2023 in order to provide a platform to students to showcase their creativity and explore their hidden talents.

Prof. Shrawan Kumar, presently serving as Director at G.N. Girls College, Dakala and ex-faculty member, PG Department of Commerce, was the chief guest at this event.

Inaugurating the program, Principal, Dr. Khushvinder Kumar, congratulated the faculty of Commerce Department and said that technological advancements have totally changed the dimensions of business environment. Hence it is the need of the hour to explore new entrepreneurial ideas that promote both sustainable development and growth.

Prof. Shrawan Kumar appreciated the participants who displayed excellent creative and communication skills. He also mentioned that such programs help in comprehensive development of students to make them capable of facing the real-life challenges after completion of their studies.

Prof. Neena Sareen, Dean and Head, PG. Department of Commerce, while addressing the students said that in order to shine out in the global job market they need to formulate a strategy and start working upon it immediately. She also mentioned that the basic aim behind organizing the fest each year is to enhance hard and soft skills of the students.

Various activities were held in this two-day Commerce Fest. On day-1, project demonstrations, poster making and slogan writing were organized and On day-2, Ad mad show, dumb charades, documentary making and debate were held. Total 130 students participated in these activities. In slogan writing, 1st position was bagged by Simran Goel of  B.Com 3 and 2nd position was jointly bagged by Divya Mutreja and Lovepreet Kaur of B.Com 2(H). In poster making 1st position was bagged by Divya Mutreja of B.Com 2(H) and 2nd position was bagged by Jasleen Kaur of B.Com 2(H) and Vandana of M.Com 1. In Documentary Making, Yash Sharma of B.Com 1(H) and Ankita Sharma of B.Com 3(H) won the 1st prize and 2nd position was jointly bagged by two teams: Team 1 of Hanisha, Harkirat Singh and Akshay Paul of B.Com 3 and team 2 of Abhinav Sharma of B.Com 1. In Ad mad show 1st position was won by team Aalif of Dilpreet Kaur, Pavitra Sen and Khushpreet Kaur of B.Com 3 and 2nd position was won by team of Parth and Tushar Ahuja of B.Com 2(H) and the 3rd position was won by two teams: Team 1 of Ramneek Kaur and Nitin of M.Com, Team 2 of Khushi, Muskan, Isha and Nandini of B.Com 2. In Debate, 1st position was won by Anshita of B.Com 3(H) and Jitesh of B.Com 3 and Khushwinder  of  B.Com 3 won the 2nd and 3rd position. In Projects, 1st prize was won by Team of Avneet, Ankit, Simran and Priyanshu of B.Com 3, 2nd position was won by Team of Ridhima, Saurav, Anjali and Kanika of B.Com 1 and 3rd position was won by Team of Harsh, Harshit, Nitika and Nishtha of B.Com 2(H) and Isha, Lovepreet, Jatinder and Jasleen of B.Com 2. In Dumb Charades, 1st prize was won by Team of Harsh, Naina, Nidhi and Arshpreet kaur of B.Com 1 and 2nd prize was won by Drishti, Ravnoor, Natasha and Gursimran Singh of B.Com 3 and B.Com 1and 3rd prize was won by Monika, Mitali, Mannat and Kashish of B.Com 3.

The prizes were given away by Chief Guest, Principal, Prof. Neena Sareen, Prof. Parminder Kaur, Dr. Deepika Singla and Dr.Amandeep Kaur. The stage was conducted by Erica Singh of B.Com 1 and Isha Narang of B.Com 3. Vote of thanks was proposed by Avneet Kaur of B.Com 3. On this occasion Dr. Gagandeep Kaur, Dr. Gaurav Gupta and others were present.

List of participants