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ਮੁਲਤਾਨੀ ਮੱਲ ਮੋਦੀ ਕਾਲਜ, ਪਟਿਆਲਾ


Certificate Course in English Language and Pronunciation

Department of English

Objectives of the programme

The objective of the programme is to enhance the basic language skills, which is a licence to success in every field in the present era of competition. The present programme will prepare the students to meet the challenging demands of the professional world and make their communicative ability more accurate and effective. The broad objectives of the programme are as following:

  • To develop their intellectual, personal and professional abilities.
  • To develop the ability to listen, speak, read, and write with understanding.
  • To acquire the linguistic competence necessarily required in various situations throughout life
  • To develop their awareness of the importance of English as a means of international communication.
Duration of the Programme

The duration of the course is 30 hours.


The course will have two components of evaluation:

  • There will be a continuous evaluation of 50 marks based on classroom
  • The written examination will be of 50 marks and three hours duration.
The grade will be calculated for the continuous evaluation and final examination and grade will be as per the grading system below:
Sr. no. Grade Grade Points Absolute Marks
1 O (Outstanding) 10 90 and above
2 A+ (Excellent) 9 80 to 89
3 A (Very Good) 8 70 to 69
4 B+ (Good) 7 60 to 69
5 B (Above Average) 6 50 to 59
6 C (Average) 5 40 to 50
7 F (Fail) Below 40

All students of Graduation and Post-Graduation classes


Successful students will be awarded certificates issued by college.

Theory Practical Duration
English Language and Pronunciation (15 Hours)
(a) Language Items:  IPA Symbols      
(i)  Vowels      
(a) Monophthongs Transcription

15 Hrs

(b) Diphthongs      
(ii) Consonants      
(iii) Speech Mechanism      
       (a)  Organs of Speech      
(iv) The description and classification of speech sounds      
(a) Manner of Articulation      
        (b) Place of Articulation      
(iv) Connected Speech      
(b)  Pronunciation (6 Hours)
(i)  Homonyms      
(ii)  Homophones      
(iii)  Homographs      
(iv)  Mute Letters Worksheets

6 Hrs

(v) Pronunciation of – ed in past simple      
(vi) Pronunciation of final – s      
(vii) Pronunciation: [i] , [i:] and [e]      
(viii) Pronunciation  :  plural :  S,Z, or IZ      
(ix) Pronunciation of ed : [d] , [id], or [t]      
(x) The  Sound :  [h] and [u]      
(xi) (Pronunciation of hard and soft of letters G and C      
(xii) Main Stress      
(xiii) Onomatopoeia      
(xiv) Final consonants doubled      
(xv) Aspiration      
(xvi)  Find the right sound      
(c) Spellings (2 Hours)      
(i) Spellings: ‘IE’ or ‘EI’ Oral and Written

2  Hrs

(ii) Spellings of [i:] Exercises    
(iii) Spellings : J, G, GE, DGE      
(iv) Articles and Letters h and u      
(v) Silent Letters      
(vi) Syllable      
  (d)  Writing (7 Hours)      
       (i) Comprehension Passage Exercises   7 Hrs
       (ii) Dialogue Writing      
       (iii) Describing a picture      
       (iv) Situational Writing