August 15, 2020
Virtual-physical independence day celebrated
‘हम अपनी जान के दुश्मन को जान कहते हैं, मोहब्बत की इस मिट्टी को हिन्दुस्तान कहते हैं’
Today on the occasion of 74th Independence Day, M. M. Modi college, Patiala celebrated a virtual-physical independence day, with the events ranging from Prade, Salutation, Flag hosting, and National anthem recitation. Four male cadets, from 5 Pb. Batallion and 2 female cadets from 4. Pb Girls Batallion participated in the events, rest all the cadets joined the event through virtual mode. Respected Principal, Dr. Khushvinder Singh, CTO Dr. Rohit Sachdeva, and other staff members were present during the event.
(All the government guidelines were followed during the event with due responsibility and respect).