Presiding over the valedictory Session of the 6th National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical and Environmental Sciences (including Bio-Sciences) Dr. S. P. Singh, Professor Emeritus, Kurukshetra University, emphasized that in addition to the teaching in class room, teachers should make efforts to generate a feeling of curiosity among the students in order to make them more creative. Creativity is important as it results in the invention and innovation which are required for the development of the economy of the country.
The Chief Guest of the session Dr. Manjit Singh Bal, Govt. Medical College, Patiala said that the ultimate aim of scientific research is the welfare of humanity and not its destruction. He called upon the scholars in the field of medical science that they should make the common man were about diseases and their prevention using vernacular languages.
The technical session started with an illuminating talk by Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma from Kurukshetra University. He said novel approaches in research will develop different therapies to find cures for the incurable diseases. Dr. V. K. Gupta, Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, Dr. Minni Singh, Dr. Aruna Bhatia (Punjabi University), Dr. G. R. Chaudhary (Panjab University) and Dr. Rajeev Jindal from NIT, Jalandhar also presented their papers which elicited positive response from the delegates.
Dr. MS Bal, Prof. S. P. Singh (Kurukshetra University) and the College Principal felicitated the scholars who presented their papers. Mr. Rift Akbar from SLIET, Longowal got the Best Poster Presentation in Chemistry while Ms. Rajinder Kaur from Guru Nanak Dev University got the Best Poster Presentation in Environment Science.
Ms. Priya Saharan (Panjab University) and A. Muthuraman (Akal College of Pharmacy, Mastuana) were awarded Young Scientist Award.
Dr. Rajeev Sharma presented the vote of thanks. He and Dr. Sanjay Kumar conducted the stage.