Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The Jagriti Club

Jagriti Club

The wall magazine and the students society of the department of social sciences has been actively organizing events since the last five years. The department using its wall magazine has been highlighting the development of social sciences subject through the various write-ups of the students and teachers on current problems. The articles are also displayed by the students. The Jagriti club has also been organizing programmes on different occasions like UN Day, Human Rights Day, Annual Budget presentation, Panchayati Raj Day besides others.

The department also selects brilliant students as the editor and joint-editor of the wall magazine:


Nameof student Class
Navpreet Singh BA-3
Jagdeep Kaur BA-3



Nameof student Class
Shubhneet Singh BA-2
Bakshdeep Singh BA-2



Nameof student Class
Gurjeevanjit Singh BA-2
Samar Singh Sohi BA-2



Nameof student Class
Jeevanjot BA-3
Rajinder BA-3



Nameof student Class
Jaspreet BA-2
Jasmeet BA-2