Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Ramanujan Society

Ramanujan Society

Department of Mathematics

The Ramanujan Society is devoted for inculcating interest in mathematics among students and faculty. Any maths student can join this society. Students under the supervision of faculty members organizes extension lectures, seminars and excursions which energizes the students with mathematical thinking by divulging them to various area of mathematics beyond curriculum. UGC/NET classes for promising students is also organized under this society from time to time according to the need and requirement of students. Wall magazine “MATHEMATICA” is also one the integral part of Ramanujan Society managed by students and is updated bi-monthly.


Students Representatives


  • Sidhant Tenaja :- (Roll No- 6157) BSc (Hons in Maths)-3rd year
  • Mehak :- (Roll No- 5568) BSc (Hons in Maths)-2nd year


  • Mehak :- (Roll No- 5504) BSc (Hons in Maths)-1st year
  • Akansha Mittal :- (Roll No- 5321) BSc –CSM-3nd year


  • Sukhjeet Kaur(Roll No-3114) BSc NM-2nd Year
  • Ashu ( Roll No-3115) BSc NM-2nd Year


  • Richa Bansal :- (Roll No- 3122) BSc (NM)-3rd year
  • Raveesh Mittal :- (Roll No- 3122) BSc (NM)-3rd year


  • Jarmanjeet Kaur:- Bsc NM-3rd Year
  • Heena:- Bsc NM-3rd