Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

‘Punjabi Sahitya Sabha’ (Punjabi Literary forum)


Post-Graduate Department of Punjabi of Multani Mal Modi college, Patiala formed a ‘Sahitya Sabha’ (Literary forum) to strengthen the literary interests of students.  The main aim of this literary forum is to create interest in reading books among students and it is to provide them the suitable platform for their creative progress. Through this forum department organize monthly literary meet (Sahityak Goshti), Extension lectures of prominent literary personalities/Scholars and organizes book exhibitions. Overall objective of this literary forum is to make students conscious and aware about socio-cultural, economical and political affairs so that they can develop critical and analytical vision of all prospective of society in themselves and express themselves through their literary writings.


Student representatives

Session Name Class Roll Number
2015-2016 Gurnavdeep Singh B.A. – 3 2488
  Gurwinder Singh B.A. – 3 2499
2016-2017 Gurwinder Singh M.A.- 1 (Punjabi) 7901
  Randhir Singh M.A.- 2 (Punjabi) 7956
2017-2018 Harshdeep Singh B.Sc.(BioT)-2 5455
  Satnam Singh B.A.- 3 4325
2018-2019 Chamkaur Singh M.A. – 2 (Punjabi) 7954
  Satnam Singh M.A.- 1 (Punjabi) 7908
2019-2020 Inderjeet Kaur M.A. – 2 (Punjabi) 7961
  Parneet Kaur M.A. -1 (Punjabi) 7901
2020-2021 Harpinder Singh B.A.- 2 3443
  Kavita Sharma B.A. – 3 4387