Fri. Jan 27th, 2023


Physics Society, Multani Mal Modi College.

The society of Physics serves as a platform for the students to explore new horizons beyond the academic curriculum and to promote interaction among students interested in physics and teachers. The purpose of the Physics Society is to inculcate a spirit of learning and critical thinking and hence promote the overall development of the students by mentoring them.

The society “WE MATTER” organizes yearly seminars, competitions and educational trips to various institutions/labs/Science Museums. The society also conducts lectures by eminent physicist and scientists from diverse fields to motivate young minds.

The Physics Society of Multani Mal Modi College conducts an annual Series of Physics based Interactive demonstration- “Making Physics Fun” for the students to explain the fundamental theoretical aspects of physics.

The Society maintains Physics Wall Magazine titled “Quarks” which displays the information related to current events and inventions in the field of physics.



Physics Wall Magazine (Student Editors and society members)

2019-20    1. Paras(                     2. Jashandeep Singh(

2018-19    1. Rahul Verma(         2. Prince Kumar(

2017-18    1. Rahul Verma (        2. Dheeraj Kumar(

2016-17    1. Yukti Sharma (    2. Meghali Gupta(

2015-16    1. Bhupinder Singh(  2. Khushleen Kaur(