Sat. Feb 4th, 2023


Management Thinkers and Analysts (MANTHAN)


Management Thinkers and Analysts (MANTHAN) is a society of Business Management Students. The mission of society is to acquaint students beyond the text books and train them in interpersonal skills through various activities organized by the society. The main objective of the society is promote skills of budding managers and mobilize them to showcase their thinking and analysis ability through various competitions. Society conduct various activities to groom management skills of the students. Some of the activities conducted by society include Guest Lectures, Group Discussions, Business Quiz, Case Studies, Business News, Powerpoint Presentations, Mock Stock Trading, etc. Society also organize annual Management Fest ‘Utkarsh’ to celebrate National Management Days in which various students competitions are held. Besides this society is also maintaining weekly Wall Magazine ‘MANTHAN’ which showcases creations of management students.

BBA students club ‘Management Thinkers and Analysts’ (MANTHAN) is always actively involved in various activities at social and institutional level.


S.No Name Roll. No Class
1 ESHA KAPOOR 6001 BBA 3rd
2 TANYA KUMAR 6007 BBA 3rd
4 BHAVIKA GARG 5914 BBA 32nd



S.No Name Roll. No Class
1 MUKAND GARG 5909 BBA 2nd
2 SWETA VERMA 5914 BBA 2nd



S.No Name Roll. No Class
1 Mehak Gupta 6001 BBA 3rd
2 Priyanka 6330 BBA 3rd



S.No Name Roll. No Class
1 Mehar 5927 BBA 3rd
2 Shilpi 5823 BBA 3rd



S.No Name Roll. No Class
1 Mehar 5113 BBA 3rd
2 Warpreet BBA 3rd