List of Journals & Magazines

1Global Journal of Advances in Mathemetial PhysicsRIP
2Global Journal of Finance and ManagementRIP
3Global Journal of Sociology & AnthropologyRIP
4Global Jr. of Pure and Applied MathematicsRIP
5Indian Journal of Image Processing & TechniquesRIP
6Indian Journal of Nano Technology & ApplicationRIP
7Indian Journal of Speech & Language ProcessingGRP
8Interantional Journal of Chemistry & Chemical EngineeringRIP
9Interantional Journal of Chemistry & Its ApplicationRIP
10Internatioanl Journal of Advances in Mathematical SciencesRIP
11Internatioanl Journal of Business Management & LeadershipRIP
12Internatioanl Journal of Human Resources & Business ManagementRIP
13Internatioanl Journal of Philosphy & Social ScienceRIP
14Internatioanl Journal of quality Assurance & Managenet StrategiesRIP
15International Journal of Advances in Modern ChemistryRIP
16International Journal of Computational Physical SciencesRIP
17International Journal of Enviornmental Research & DevelopmentRIP
18International Journal of Management & International Business StudiesRIP
19International Journal of Material PhysicsRIP
20International Journal of Physics & ApplicationsRIP
21International Journal of Review of Forien Trade & PolicyRIP
22Journal of Computational Intelligence in BioinformaticsRIP
23Journal of Literary AestheticsNPA
24Natioanal Research Journal of Advance Sciences & TechnologyNPA
25Natioanl Research Journal of Business EconomicsNPA
26Natioanl Research Journal of Digital Library & Knowledge ManagementNPA
27National Research Journal of Human Resource ManagementNPA
28Natioanl Research Journal of Image Processing & Its ApplicationNPA
29Natioanl Research Journal of Pure & Applied Physics& Its ApplicationNPA
30Natioanl Research Journal of Social SciencesNPA
31Natioanl Research Journal ofInformation Technology & Information ScienceNPA
32National Research Journal of Banking &  Finance ManagementNPA
33PCMA Journal of BusinessNPA
35Indian Journal of BiotechnologyNISCAIR
36Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile ResearchNISCAIR
37Finance IndiaDT Media
38IOSR International Journal of MathematicsIOSR
39IOSR Journal of Pharmacy & Biological ScienceIOSR
40IOSR Journal of Environment Science Toxiology & Food TechnologyIOSR
41IOSR Journal of Applied ChemistryIOSR
42IOSR International Journal of Computer EngineeringIOSR
43IOSR International Journal of Business & ManageentIOSR
44IOSR International Journal of Humanity & Social ScienceIOSR
45Chemical Industry DigestCID
46Journal of Scientific & Industrial ResearchNISCAIR
48Indian Journal of Marketing 
49Indian Journal of Finance 
51Current Science 
52Education World 
53Journal of Indian Chemical Society 
54Asian Journal of ChemistryAJC
55Economic and Political WeeklyEPW
56University NewsAIU