Fri. Jan 27th, 2023


The computer society of Multani Mal Modi College is a nonprofitable professional society for students of the college. The purpose of the computer society is to promote computer-oriented activities and sensitize the students about recent trends in computer education. The society organized various activities in the college such as Quizzes, technological workshops, seminars, hand-on training on the latest computer technologies.

Student representatives

Session Name Class Roll Number
2015-2016 Manpreet Kaur MSc(IT)-II 7211
Monika Thakur MSc(IT)-II 7212
2016-2017 Anjali Gaur MSc(IT)-II 6551
Rajwinder Kaur MSc(IT)-II 6562
2017-2018 Solani Garg MSc(IT)-II 6951
Roma Thapa MSc(IT)-II 6960
2018-2019 Rekha Rani MSc(IT)-II 7607
Rahul Kumar MSc(IT)-II 7616
2019-2020 Gurwinder Singh MSc(IT)-II 7608
Preety Devi MSc(IT)-II 7614
2020-2021 Price Kumar MSc(IT)-II 7608
Sandeep Kumar MSc(IT)-II 7601